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De La Salle Casa de Encuentros

More than 15 years of experience holding events focused on spirituality

De La Salle Casa de Encuentros is a welcoming place where you can breathe a climate of peace and tranquility, in which companies, educational institutions and congregations can carry out multiple activities related to education, training, training, recreation and the More important spiritual growth.

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Norandino Lasallian District

We foster a suitable environment for the growth of Christian spirituality and citizen formation, making available to the community in general the logistical, technical and technological means that contribute to the development of its corporate purpose, strengthening the Lasallian Mission of human and Christian formation. Its actions are based on the teachings of Saint John Baptist De La Salle, Founder of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools and universal Patron Saint of educators in the world.

De la Salle Casa de Encuentros, as part of the family of works of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, Lasallian Norandino District, works to ensure human and Christian formation, according to the ministry of the Church entrusts it. In the deployment of its social objective, it promotes the physical infrastructure and the logistics necessary to carry out institutional, business and social events, contributing to the achievement of the formation and strengthening of Christian spirituality.

The autonomous foundation De La Salle Casa de Encuentros in the year 2025, will be recognized as one of the best options in eastern Antioquia, with competent personnel to offer the service in the provision of spaces and logistics for spiritual, educational and social events.

The Founder of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, Patron of Christian Educators.

Saint John Baptist de La Salle lived in a world totally different from ours. He was the eldest son of a wealthy family that lived in France 300 years ago. John Baptist de La Salle was born in Reims, received the tonsure at the age of 11, and was made a canon of Reims Cathedral at 16.

When his parents died, he had to take charge of the administration of the family assets. But, having finished his theological studies, he was ordained a priest on April 9, 1678. Two years later, he obtained the title of doctor of theology. In that period of his life, he attempted to compromise with a group of rough and uneducated young men, in order to found schools for poor children.

At that time, only a few people lived in luxury, while the vast majority lived in conditions of extreme poverty: peasants in the villages and miserable workers in the cities. Only a small number could send their children to school. Most of the children had little prospect for the future. Moved by the situation of these poor people who seemed “so far from salvation” in one situation or another, he made the decision to put all his talents at the service of these children, “often abandoned to themselves and without education.”

To be more effective, he left his family home and went to live with the teachers, renounced his canonry and his fortune, and then organized the community that we now call the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

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